SPA Classic Collection


A collection of treatments for the face and body, designed to instill peace, tranquility and relaxation. Eliminate stress, relieve tension and promote wellbeing with fragrant oils and a gentle touch.

MU Face

Gentle, classical massage strokes relieve stress and tension from fraught facial muscles, while carefully selected products are applied to hydrate, renew and rebalance skin. This treatment is especially good for dry, tired skin. 

MU Body massage 

Drift off with warmed silk eye pillows and herbal cotton compresses as your therapist melts away stress with slow, gentle strokes. This treatment delivers a deep yet relaxing massage to promote restful sleep and relieve mental tension. 

MU Body scrub and wrap 

Reveal glowing skin with this gentle, relaxing scrub and wrap. Soft, natural sisal gloves buff the skin before a luxurious conditioner is applied with fragrant oil and enriching serums. Organic linen, cotton and wool wraps provide heat to ensure optimum absorption. 

SPA Classic Collection


A collection of treatments especially created to liberate the body; soothing aching muscles, relieving strained joints, and alleviating deep-seated physical stress. Firm, concentrated pressure encourages muscles to release tension, while energising fragrant oils revitalise the senses.


This energetic, penetrating massage awakens muscles while cool marble soothes the body, and specially chosen products enliven facial contours, stimulate radiance and promote suppleness. Particularly effective for improving natural firmness.

LIBERTA Body massage

Allow your muscles to submit to deep, penetrative pressure-point massage that coaxes out deep-seated physical stress and tension. Warmed cotton compresses encourage muscle focus and promote comfort throughout. 

LIBERTA Texture body scrub and wrap

A stimulating skin exfoliation using natural brushes that promote vibrancy and improve skin tone, is followed by a sensuous wrap of mineral-rich mud, and luxury cotton and linen body sheets to relax and refresh. 

SPA Classic Collection


A collection of treatments designed to harmonise body, mind and soul, and balance, rejuvenate and replenish essential core functions from within. Relieves ailments, promotes recovery and encourages wellbeing with gentle yet reviving strokes and fragrant oils.



Gentle skin brushing and lymphatic drainage eliminates puffiness and encourages nutrient absorption, while a specially selected range of products hydrates, renews and rebalances as required. This treatment is particularly good for over-stressed, hyper-stimulated skin. 

FLUIDITA Body massage

Energising body draining techniques, using a gentle body brush and rejuvenating Armani jade oil, promote recovery from demanding schedules and minor internal imbalances and encourage effective lymphatic circulation. 

FLUIDITA Body scrub and wrap

Gentle body brushing techniques stimulate lymphatic circulation and improve skin tone, while layers of comforting natural fabrics encourage absorption of the richest mineral mud to renew and hydrate. This treatment is especially helpful for removing toxins from the body and promoting mental wellbeing.