Enjoy a range of classic sequential spa bathing experiences to refresh and rejuvenate body and mind, enhanced with carefully selected herbal infusions to complement our Mu, Liberta and Fluidita thermal sequences.


Step into our sauna for deep, dry heat to relax muscles, invigorate and boost immunity. A maximum stay of 15 minutes is recommended, followed by a 15-minute relaxation period.

Steam Vapore

Complement a sauna session with 25 minutes of steam vapore to encourage perspiration and increase blood circulation to eliminate toxins and invigorate the senses. Steam vapore promotes vibrant, glowing skin tone and eases breathing. 


Take a warm, freshwater shower with a cool mist walkway in the Acqua area to intensify your bathing experience. 


Allow your body to heat up slowly and gently in the Laconium treatment room. Low humidity helps purify and detoxify the body as it stimulates circulation. Recommended treatment time 15-20 minutes.